Bead Research entering the internet age!


As with every research topic, looking up online is fast and can be efficient if you know the term you need to define. However in the field of beads a descriptive word is often not known. Not all beads even have names.

Published books and paper documents no longer show the latest data - while newer   scholarship updates are constantly available online (if you find a useful keyword to search). My list of at least 3,000 bead terms here may be useful, and more continue to be added.

While in this form it does not give definitions or cite sources as they are constantly changing, it includes words that can be searched across the entire World Wide Web (you might add “bead” to find a relevant description). 


I offer this resource to all interested in beads without requiring a membership commitment or a fee. So beginners or scholars- please acknowledge this project .


If you have already put your original bead research/reports/projects/photos online then others searching the appropriate term on my list may even bring your work more views. 

I plan to include a few selected pictures. The list will be constantly updated but may never be utterly complete! 

If you still really want to search a particular bead topic in depth you could also contact me privately and I may share what I currently know about it, or suggest where to discover more. 


Vendors online offering items for sale frequently assert their merchandise is older, better or rarer than is the case, so hunt online for informative, recognised scientific pages that you trust and teach yourself to discriminate between naïve, dishonest or accurate descriptions.

I dedicate this to Jane Olson the bead friend whose 1980's pre-internet card index system inspired me- and all the specialists and scholars who contribute to the ever-expanding body of bead knowledge.

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